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Start Getting Meetings

Your prospects demand a personalized and meaningful sales approach.

Increase your chance

Why limit to Emails like everybody? Explore SMS & Calls today to get more replies. Results: x3.5 more meetings.

Spam Less, Prospect Better

Upgrade your prospection work and focus everyday on people you really want to meet. Contact up to 80 leads per campaign.

Small Team, Huge Ambition

Outgenie is designed by and for ambitious startups CEO's and sales teams that need to book more meetings today.

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Prospect your way

You know your buyer persona and how to reach them. Leverage your expertise thanks to multichannel outreach scenarios.

Design your own sales machine

Create as many steps and scenario you need for your campaign.

Automate your Email & SMS sending

Every follow-up done by Email and SMS will be sent automatically.

Create tasks for the rest

Outgenie will remind you when it is the time to Call and do LinkedIn actions with your leads.

Just build your HubSpot list

Outgenie will take care of the rest and deliver your sales messages to your prospects.

Personalization at Scale

Personalization is the secret of the top 1% sales.

Nail your follow-ups with personalization variables to create messages that get replies.


Reduce Manual Tasks

Outgenie automates your daily sales tasks.

Sending your SMS follow-ups

That's awesome.

Sending your Email follow-ups

That's perfect.

Reminding you when to call

That's great.

Reminding you when to LinkedIn

That's nice.

Be Safe with Outgenie

To promote great targeting and keep your email account safe, you can contact up-to 80 leads per campaign.

The contacts' data should already be in your CRM as no email or phone number scraping or purchase in possible in Outgenie.


Same Effort, More Results

HubSpot is a great CRM. We made it Awesome.

Enroll in 1 click

Simply put your contacts in an HubSpot list and let the genie work for you.

What gets measured gets Done

Launch, Track and Improve your sales performances: open rate, click rate, reply rate, meeting booked... (V2)

Bigger than an Automation Software

Grow your business with a powerful toolset

Access to Templates

You will have access to 20+ Emails and SMS templates for your campaigns.

Benefit from the community

Exchange ideas and benchmarks with other sales professionals.

Premium Service

Chat with our sales experts at all time.

Automatic HubSpot update

No more time wasted to keep it up-to-date. We do that for you.

Affordable Pricing

From solopreneuers to established startups,
businesses are growing with Outgenie.

All-In-One Package

14 days free trial

  • Custom Sales Sequence
  • Contact 80 leads/day
  • Professional Phone Number
  • HubSpot live synchronization
  • Automated SMS & Emails
  • Tasks (Calls, LinkedIn...)
  • Instant Support
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