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The B2B Sales Playbook

This document gathers all the methodologies and tips that will allow you to get in contact quickly with your targets. In each part, we will give you the secrets of the most successful startups to maximize your potential and became a sales killer!

Based on their experiences and our own achievement, you will get all the knowledge needed to book more meetings and increase your sales today.

Every time you use a prospecting channel, you increase your chances of getting an appointment. So, all of our tips work even better when they are integrated into a multichannel strategy.

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B2B Sales Playbook

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Tool #1
Find out earlier who in the company is using HubSpot

Verify in bulk if an email address is attached to an HubSpot account.

Our robots 🤖 🤖 🤖 live check your email list in bulk.

Up to 1000 emails per file.

Receive your results in 30 mins.

Sent directly by email.

GDPR compliant

No database involved. All files older than 30 days are automatically deleted.


Flat rate: 1€ + 0,05€/search.

You are 1 click away to boost your growth

Tool #2
Sort Professional and Personal emails

Just Copy & Paste in bulk your emails, and you get instantly:

✅ The domain name or the email provider
✅ The result of your search: Professional or Personal

Lifetime access for only 19€ 9€

Unlimited use. No quota.

Email Pro Perso.gif

You are 1 click away to boost your growth

🔥 12+ years of experience in B2B sales 🔥

Adrien sold an extreme variety of products and services going from few thousands to several millions 💰

Adrien Aouate

👨‍🏫 Sales coaching program for Founders
🚀 SaaS technologies for startups
🥽 Virtual Reality trainings for Human Resources Directors at big corporations
🎯 Sales app targeting Sales Directors and Channel Managers
🏭 Companies and factories targeting Heads of Business Units and M&A Directors

These experiences gave Adrien a deep knowledge on how to define and market B2B offers.

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